I’ve read you have never lived on earth yourself. Could you tell me why you made that choice or why you didn’t have to?

Good you ask. I think my answer can take away a lot of doubts. And it will probably raise new questions. That’s the game.
Every energy consists of various layers. Dimensions. Vibration levels. This is one of the most simple sounding, but most hard to comprehend parts of my story.
Some of you see yourself as an energy, but more like something abstract. One ‘lump’ of energy with a certain vibration level. That is not so. There are different vibrations in one energy.
I will not (yet) deepen the mutual connections, because they are not relevant at this point. But every energy form has a manifestation of a very low vibration level up to a manifestation of a very high vibration level. And all levels in between.
I represent the manifestation of Syl’s highest vibration level. Hahaha, this startled her. But that’s how it is.
The highest vibration level does not have to experience itself, but collects the experience of the lower levels. That is why I do not need to be a human being. That role is already taken by the energy you know as Syl. It is my role to confront her with her Source. With who she really is. With all she is.

From Energy to Energy,