I don’t have to be ‘physically’ in your surroundings to observe the connections you make, the thoughts you have etc. I’ve told you before about ‘gratitude’ being a beautiful stream of energy. Every thought has his own stream.
I am able to tap into that, but so are you. Or did you think it to be a coincidence that you think of something and something else came up with exactly the same?
It’s just a matter of zeroing in to an energy and on a higher vibration level we do that consciously.

SYL: while Henry was engaged in the answer above, I received an image in my mind of some kind of old fashioned switchboard, where wires were plugged it to make a connection. Then patterns of thought of the concerning energy came up in a filing system, where a particular thought could be found very fast.
It was a fascinating sight, I must say. Like I was in some kind of science fiction movie.
Would Santa Claus operate this way too? :-)

From Energy to Energy,