One of the spearheads of a lot of spiritual leaders is ‘positive thinking’. Beware of a possible snake in the grass, though:

‘Positive thinking’ or ‘wanting to stay positive’ can also become a gimmick. ‘Positive thinking’ or ‘wanting to stay positive’ can be an escape. A way to ignore certain emotions. To deny their existence, even.
If you feel ‘moaning’ can help you at that specific moment with that particular ‘state of mind’, moaning will help. Simply because you’re willing to acknowledge that emotion, allowing yourself to find the message in that emotion and being able to let it go.
‘Positive thinking’ or ‘wanting to stay positive’ can quickly become a mask to hide ‘moaning emotions’.
Be aware of what you’re really feeling. Don’t be afraid of your own emotions. There are no wrong emotions. Discover all you facets and give them their own niche.
Remember: my words don’t hold a judgement. No criticism. Who hears it, is putting it in themselves.
I just want you to become aware of your patterns. That’s it. That’s all. And what patterns you’re going to choose is all up to you…free will all the way.

From Energy to Energy,