Acceptance is surrendering. Acceptance is the total lack of judgement. The realisation that everything Is and everything is there for a reason. From that lack of judgement you can create. Not based on desire (wish) but based on the natural impulse to accelerate your Energy Vibration.
I am describing this more cryptic then I use to. There a many layers in my remark. It’s up to you how deep you want to go.

How can I create from a lack of judgement? Why would I feel the need to create from a place where I don’t have anything to wish for, I’m totally satisfied and without all judgement?

Good question. What you think you want, on a lower vibration, can be in direct opposition of what you know you need on a higher vibration.
From the lower vibration, from judgement, you think some things are good and some things are bad for you. On a higher vibration you want to experience the process.
Can you feel what I mean? On a lower vibration your wish is all about a final result. A destination. On a higher vibration everything is about process and therefore it doesn’t matter what route you choose.

Of course I want to accelerate my vibration! Love to! Do you mean I can – from a lack of judgement – leave it up to the Universe to create everything for my own/general benefit?

The Universe does not differ from you and you do not differ from the Universe. And there’s no such thing as a general benefit. There’s only process. Creation. Evolution.

So in a way my Higher Goal is to make contact with my Self and therefore with others too. My contact with my Self will show me how my connection to others, or something like that?

Apart from the phrase ‘goal’ it’s starting to get clear to you now.
Remember the functioning of a mirror…
The reflection offers an image of who you are and the better you know yourself, the better the refection will be. And how clearer the way you look, how higher your vibration.

From Energy to Energy,