You are not being tested. For being tested suggests that you can do something wrong or right. It’s more like a reinforcement. To strengthen a certain emotion muscle.
Picture this: you have the intention to work at your fear. You have planned to replace any fear you encounter with trust. That’s your input. Your cause.
To solicit you in your plans, you will be put into a situation where you can experience that fear. After all, that’s the only way you can chose consciously to replace fear with trust. So that situation is your output. Your effect.

And if you’d succeeded, if you made the conscious shift from fear to trust, you think: ‘That’s great. I’ve mastered that.’ And that’s where you get stuck, because that ‘trust muscle’ isn’t very strong by experiencing only one conscious choice. So again you will be put in a situation where you encounter fair. Only this time it’s a little harder. There’s more weight on it, so to speak. That way the muscle has to work harder and is able to strengthen itself.
And after that there will be another opportunity to replace fear with trust. And maybe another one. And another one. And as soon as the muscle is really strong and replacing your fear with trust became a automatism, you will be no langer making that choice consciously and therefore you will no longer be aware of frightful situations.
The mirror is everywhere. If you watch the situation you’re in, you can see what your input must have been. Cause and effect. It’s the perfect way to discover your own thoughts- and behavioural patterns.

From Energy to Energy,