You have – as we call it – conditioned yourselves. That’s one of the biggest reasons that we, Higher Energy Vibrations, are communicating on such a large scale at this moment. To make you aware of your conditioning.
In short you are meanly functioning based on an image you have created. An image that fits what ‘they’ consider to be acceptable, what ‘they’ consider to be amiable etc. The image. The pretty picture.
As soon as there’s a gap between ‘how you want it to be’ and ‘how it is’, you’re put off and then determine that ‘how it is’ is not GOOD (because it doesn’t meet your expectations), without considering that ‘how you want it to be’ might need some adjustments.
There are SO many emotions you have systematically ignored and/or shoved away over the years, that you turned it into a full fortress.
That’s why many of you think you can not feel anymore. Simply because you don’t allow yourself (on a subconscious level, because we’re talking about Automatic Pilots here!) to experience emotions that didn’t fit that pretty picture you’ve created.

From Energy to Energy,