All those emotions that come up, like crying for instance, does it have to come out as crying, or is it enough to feel the emotion and then switch to your mind and look where this emotion comes from and then trying to change it. Or will the old pain stay there.

Good question. It depends on the pain and your reason for not wanting to cry.
In other words: if you feel the need to cry and you’re blocking it (for what ever reason) it will clog up.
However, it’s not imperative to cry, so if you don’t feel the need, you don’t have to force yourself to cry anyway.

It all revolves around accepting your emotions. You’ve been suppressing at lot already and it’s important to look at it lovingly and letting it be what it is.
I know you understand what I mean. The deeper layer. Not only accepting what you allow to be there. But letting it be as it is. It allowed. No single emotion is wrong.

From Energy to Energy,