Doubt is caused by the fear of being wrong. The fear of having to conclude afterwards that you saw it the wrong way.
In your society ‘changing your mind’ or ‘adjusting your vision’ is often perceived as negative. You’ve created some very special expressions for it. Twister, ‘timeserver’, ‘hot and cold blower’, unsteady and so on.
When it’s about sincere change of vision (not joining the most popular vision and siding with the majority because you’re scared) changing your thoughts is just a symbol of growth.
You makes choices and even when those choices are becoming heavy and limiting, you stick to them, because you feel obligated to honour that choice.
But I’m telling you: every choice offers the possibility to grow. Re- adjusting earlier choices, therefore, is growth.

There are no wrong choices. There are no wrong visions. There is only growth.

Doubt is fine. Doubt is the confirmation of awareness. If you would accept everything,
you would never doubt. Doubt means you’re thinking about it.

From Energy to Energy,