I’m brooding on the theme ‘expectancy’ for quite some time now. I hear and read that it’s good to have no expectations. But we are the creators of our life. Expectancy is a part of that, isn’t it?
What are realistic or reasonable expectations and specifically in relationship with others?

Straight away that’s one of expectancy’s pitfalls. What is realistic or reasonable? Who determines what’s realistic or reasonable? It’s most striking that the one with the expectations is the one who thinks (s)he is being realistic or reasonable, while the other party often sees it as a unrealistic or unreasonable expectation.
When the expectation stays unspoken, it is a assumption. If it’s expressed and confirmed by both parties, it is a deal. A goal.

Expectancy has everything to do with ‘how you feel it should be’ and nothing with ‘how it is’.
For example: Energy A has a sick father and it is her choice (whether from a sense of expectancy or not) to take care of her father every day.
She expects something in return. Gratitude. Love. The reward isn’t that important for this example, the intention is.
Energy A is giving something, but expecting something too. So the intention is not giving, but getting. And Energy A doesn’t understand why she is surrounded by people who only take from her or have hidden agenda’s.
Why do you think some else can fill in your blanks? Fulfil your needs? More than that: why do you think that’s his/her job? His/her responsibly?

From Energy to Energy,