I think what A.B. did, with her dolphin diving into the depth of the sea and surface without her crystal, everybody could do it like that…

That’s right. Everybody could jump of a bridge too.
You have no idea about the intentions, the process of someone else. To copy behaviour indiscriminately, does not guarantee the same effect. Find out what fits YOU and point your energy to the process, not to the desire ‘to get through something as quickly as possible’.

We are trying to make you aware of your tendency to make it all much heavier than necessary. That your possibilities are far more extensive than you can imagine now. We bring you this message, so you can play with it. So you can implement it into your process and shape it.
And of course some of you will shape it into a release. The realisation you can look at something in a different way and change its charge completely.
Some of you will oppose the idea you’re capable of something like this. That it could all be this simple.
Some of you will resist the process and will perceive this message as a license not to feel certain emotions. Etc. etc.

Do you get my point?

From Energy to Energy,