I ‘know’ for years my bad hearing is – at least partly – caused by me. Blocking, not wanting to listen, in all probability to myself.
But even knowing this, and looking for a solution, a way to reverse it, it only became worse.

It’s a situation that will be recognizable to many people. The answer is simply to be found in the law of Cause and Effect. And particularly in the intention you are transmitting into the Universe.
Look at your own quote. You can see the link between your limitation (in this case your hearing) and your behaviour patterns. That’s the first, most important step and you’ve nailed that one.
Subsequently you think you found the answer: aha…to reverse it (because I DON’T WANT this limitation) I have to listen better and stop blocking myself.
In theory that sounds logical, only now you don’t start to listen better to know yourself better, but you start to listen better because you want to improve your hearing. In other words: you’re trying to manipulate the Universe. And the Universe it not be manipulated, because it’s all about cause and effect.
In practice this line of reasoning also means you are actually NOT listening to your Self, because your Self is whispering that change starts with the acceptance of how it is NOW. And yes, you’re still resisting that.
You are putting your energy to the disadvantageous effects of your deafness and there’s another law of nature jumping in: Whatever you’ll give energy, will grow.
Transfer your energy to the benefits of your deafness. And yes, they are there. More you can grasp right now. Look what it all brought you. Growth. Self-knowledge.

It’s hard for me to accept my deafness, because in my opinion it isn’t right, it wasn’t meant to be.

It IS, so it’s meant to be. But it is not there to limit you, to punish you, to make life harder etc. It’s there to help you. To let you grow. To let you get acquainted with who you really are. If you can realize THAT, really letting it sink in, you will be able to change your resistance into trust.

Growth and self-knowledge, somehow I do understand that. It’s not about my hearing, but about the way I deal with limitations. But how do I do that?

By shifting your energy to creative solutions instead of limitations.

Simply accepting. Yes. No, because then I would have to accept that I’m not good enough.

Or you accept the fact that you’re perfect the way you are. Perfect, proceeding from the realization that you have every circumstance at your disposal to move through the processes you want to move through.

From Energy to Energy,