What happens to me regularly: I’m having a conversation with a girlfriend who just received a Pasting and things are cracking open for her. I managed to leave it all with her (or so I thought). I answer, I reassure her about certain parts, show something here, show something there…
Noting wrong with that (???) but slowly but surely…I’m on edge, can’t take it anymore, and it goes very quickly.
Suddenly I’m hyper sensitive, even a dog’s cough is too much. I’m about to explode. Everything (especially my third eye) is put off and I’m getting dizzy, etc. So my question is: do you have a some advice for me?

Unconsciously you gave the answer yourself. But it’s maybe a different answer than you think, though.
What’s going on? It’s in the very first paragraph: I managed to leave it all with her.
Concretely: your friends experiences with Pasting triggers recognition in you, on a cellular level. But by your frenetic attempts to ‘leave it all with her’, you’re resisting that recognition. You’re not looking if there’s something for you in it too, anymore. You’re just being the teacher, not the student anymore. It’s tipping the scales. Thát’s what you’re experiencing. You are blocking yourself too much.

From Energy to Energy,