Everybody has access to sources of information from other Dimensions. The difference between a guide and an angle? The label you put on it. It’s your way to shape something, to construe something.
As I mentioned before, often you give more attention to the messenger than to the content of the message. So if we want to make sure a certain message will really come across, we choose the shape that will be the most convincing to that energy.
All those different ranks, positions and labels…I’m sorry, it’s an illusion. It’s having that shape, because you’re giving it that shape.
At this moment there’s a increasing need for information from the other Dimensions and this website and forum is one of the ways to bring that information to you. To make you all aware of your own strength, to inspire you all to release those restrictions in your doing, thinking and experiencing things etc.

Everything is energy. You. Me. Your Guide. The piece of grass amongst the paving stones. The raindrop on the edge of a roof. Everything. The shape is flexible. What you now perceive to be a piece of grass, can present itself as a raindrop tomorrow. So we Are. That is a constant. Our shape is flexible.
Every energy can create out of love and every energy can create out of fear. And that fear-creation is – from a Universal point of view – as pure as the love-creation, but it’s not the purity that’s comprehensible to you.
From fear (that isn’t always conscious!) you can create a energy form that will mirror fear. The messages this form will pass on, will be characterized by limitation. That’s how you can recognize an energy form like that immediately.
That’s why it’s so important to expressly pay attention to the contect of a message and not to the messenger! If you can do that, you will overlook less important messages (from yourself or other earthly sources).

From Energy to Energy,