I visited Handreiking.com and found it mutilated by a hacker. No fun at all. I reported it to Syl immediately and she said it wasn’t the first time this happened.
Syl also said that I could use this experience for my own particular use. To become aware of where I’m putting my energy.
Is this a cause and effect thing?
I feel lousy ever since it happened and I think it wants to tell me something. Can you help me exploring this?

Fundamentally you’re giving the answer already:

To become aware of where I’m putting my energy.

Thát’s the message this hacker left for you. When you have to deal with a unexpected situation…be aware of where you’re putting your energy.
The fright itself causes no loss of energy. What’s beneath that fear, the Automatic Pilot that’s releasing this fear, that is what causes a loss of energy.
And mind you: I’m calling it ‘loss of energy’ to stay in your terminology, but Universally speaking ‘loss’ is just an experience. Everything Is, so nothing can get lost. At the most it’s removed from your experience.
What fears surfaced when you saw Handreiking.com taken over? Get to know those fears and listen to their message. If you do, they will not surprise you anymore.
All that fear. And why? Because a stranger could read your stories? Did you wrote anything to be ashamed about? On the contrary! The conversations are pure and loving. The emotions are honest. The way you interact with your processes is inspiring. All that fear. Why?

With the same effort you could be so proud of the processes you’re in, you should proclaim it from the rooftops.

From Energy to Energy,