Last weekend I connected through thoughts with a deceased spirit, who wants to work together with me to write a book. I can compare the communication and conversation best with Neale Donald Walsh and his Conversations with God.
Only…I’m not sure. On one hand it feels right, on the other hand it could just as easily be my thoughts. How can I find out if this was a real conversation? Could it have been my Higher Self?

What is the essence? The message or the messenger?
I can not tell you if you should trust this or not. I would interfere with an important process and as you know, that’s not an option.

What I can share with you at this moment is a reminder to the law of Cause and Effect.
Your doubt about the messenger, for instance, is an important input. What do you think to receive if you’re still sending out that doubt? Do you think you will be able to pass on the message as it was brought to you? Do you think you could withhold from adjustments if the message is not what you’d expected?

Another important input is the reason behind writing this book. Look honestly at your intensions. What do you want to achieve? You don’t have to tell me. I already know. And therefore know it’s important to examine them.
There’s still a lot of baggage in your intentions. Things you want to proof. That law of cause and effect never takes a vacation. Beware of your input!
You’re very focussed on result. The book and the effect it could have. In the meantime you’re passing by (and passing up) something far more important: the process.
What is this process telling you about YOU? That’s what it’s all about. Communicating with that messenger is a beautiful way to discover how you function, how your limiting thoughts work etc.
Give it a chance to develop!

You will never hear me say you should or shouldn’t do anything. Simply because it’s irrelevant what you’re choosing. It’s about WHY you’re choosing what you did.

From Energy to Energy,