I would like to understand my problem with jealousy. It is dominating my life and makes it almost impossible to maintain a harmonic relationship.
How do I remove jealousy out of my life? I really want to get rid of this monster and lead a stable life.

Jealousy is a direct effect of your enormous inclination for judgement. You watch another energy and immediately stick the label ‘better than me’ or ‘worse than me’ on it.
You sticked some labels on yourself too, of course. Labels filled with expectation. Things you feel you’re entitled to. Things you should do to be a good partner. The ideal image of a relationship as it should be according to you.
With that, completely lose track of the fact that you entered this relationship to discover who you are. So look at that big green monster. Can you see the luggage on his shoulders? It’s filled with messages.
You think jealousy is a monstrous emotion, but it’s not. It is, like any emotion, a messenger that wants to show you your growing points.

From Energy to Energy,