On another forum I found a piece of text about self-protection and it was related to the passage to the fifth dimension. It stated that you are not responsible for those who are left behind, that don’t want to wake up.
I think you can feel my question coming: What ‘left behind’? Are people leaving? Or is it meant figuratively? Could you please spotlight this subject?

I’d love to shine my light, but my answer will be different from what you want to hear. Technically speaking it isn’t even an answer, but a counter-question.
Why did THAT line jumped out this whole story FOR YOU? Possibly because you largely function from the fear of being left behind?
I like to watch these processes a lot. The question ‘what is the meaning of this?’ (the need to understand) is still more important to you (all) than the question ‘What does it say about me?’
If it affects you, it’s (also) yours, remember? This story offers various possibilities to become aware of lurking fears and Automatic Pilots.
Your fear of ‘not going fast enough’, of ‘missing the boat’ is MUCH more interesting to work on than the information about the fifth dimension. Really.

In closing one more thing to consider.
What does it say about yourself (and in this case I’m using the phrase ‘yourself’ in the most general sense of the word, so everybody reading that referred to article may feel addressed) that the sentence “Spiritual growth will irrevocably lead to growing pains, that can not be helped” in this story did not lead to an enormous rise in revolt.
Accepting these kind of statements is what preserves the pain!
Eventually pain has one very definite function: to keep you into the NOW. Yes, isn’t that a remarkable revelation?
You go and think about thát and let go of that fifth dimension. That will be here one way or another. For everybody. It’s all about NOW.

From Energy to Energy,