I was wandering: what happens with Pasting and DNA? Is Pasting activating the DNA?
Your scientists know a lot already, but it’s still just a fraction. With the knowledge you have a this point, you’re trying to understand a process that’s simply beyond your present imaginative powers.

DNA can not be activated. That would suggest that there’s DNA that’s not active. And there isn’t. DNA is forever on the go.
DNA also can not be brought to perfection or improved in any way. Perfection is a judgement. Everything is perfect as it is and DNA is no exception.
You know from own experience what Pasting is doing. Old thought patterns are pulled into the daylight and are given a practical form, so you can look at it again and, with your present wisdom and insights about yourself, reach a new conclusion, make new choices etc.
You’ve heard me say repeatedly that it’s not about the end result, but it’s about the process. To make conscious choice, to be aware of the effect of those choices etc.
Find out why it’s so important to you to know if Pasting has anything influence on DNA. To make this whole Pasting story scientifically correct?
Beware of the snake in the grass. It’s all about trust. About feeling that it works, without exactly knowing how it works and why it works.
Finding out how it works could also have to do with keeping control. I’m not saying it does. Just beware of the snake.
To finally answer your question: Pasting works on so many different levels and vibrations, it would be too limiting to stick only that DNA label on it, only because it would make it more believable to some people.
The process triggers an awareness. That’s what it’s all about. Not the healing (end result), but the awareness of the distructive thoughts and behavioural patterns that made you ‘sick’.
You’ve build this patterns during a specific manifestation of your Energy Vibration. In other words: it has nothing to do with ‘previous lifes’. More than that: there is no ‘previous life’. Everything is happening NOW, on different vibrations, different levels, different dimensions.
If your vibration is on a certain level, you can make contact with another vibration, but the patterns of that vibration are not (and I repeat with great emphasis: NOT) in the cellular memory of the manifestation of your Energy Vibration that you are now.
Pasting will not remove anything. I explain to you earlier that nothing can be removed. Everything Is. But you can replace it.
Pasting puts old patterns in front of you, so you have the opportunity to change those patterns by changes your choices. It will change the linked patterns too. In a way, you are therefore changing your 'past'.

From Energy to Energy,