There’s been said that severe tiredness is a manifestation of resistance. Now I’m assuming that this was present before the Pasting too. Does the Pasting makes this resistance come up to make me aware of it and therefore become conscious of this severe tiredness first, so I ask a question about the tiredness and receive the answer about the resistance?

Yes and no. Tiredness is a physical manifestation of resistance. Pasting shows what’s going on on a cellular level. What you experience as tiredness is the resistance to let go of old thought patterns, fears etc.
Find the core of your fear. Underneath resistance is always fear. You summon resistance to protect you. Against what? That’s where the answer is hiding.
Choose a situation and look at it without judgement. What is scaring you so much? What do you need to accept about yourself to accept this situation?
Remember the mirroring. A situation that you haven’t accepted yet, symbolizes an emotion or characteristic in yourself that you haven’t accepted yet.
If you dare to look at that (because it takes courage) you will understand your resistance better and start replacing it with growth.
Letting something disappear is Universally Impossible. Everything Is. But if you stop giving it your attention, you don’t give it energy anymore and it will féél as if it’s gone.

From Energy to Energy,