I recognize I keep trying to be right all the time. S. is a big mirror again, because he is doing the same and that makes me even more angry, because I have to be the one that breaks that circle again. I have to look at it and he feels proven right…you see…it’s all about her!
I know it sounds childish, but I just wish he could look at himself, figure it out for me and shows it.

No uncommon phenomenon. I can categorize it all in one phrase: power struggle.
Please some attention to your terminology. It’s not about wanting to BE right, to be PUT in the right.
To BE right, you don’t need any confirmation. If you feel your perception at the time fits who you are (that’s the mechanism of being right) then that’s your perception.
The communication goes awry when you want to hear from someone else you’re right. That’s when you enter the arena of power struggles. To convice the other party ‘I am right’, you want to make very clear that therefore (s)he is not right.
While you know perfectly well truth is just perception and you can be both right within your own truth.
His perception is different. That’s right. SO WHAT?

And what do you really know about the way he is looking at himself? Do you recognize the judgement you’re covering him with?
And also that ‘I’m working hard on myself, SO he should be doing that too’. It’s all power struggle. It’s all ‘it has to go as I want it to go’. All fear. All lack of confidence that you could handle the situation if something unexpected would happen. Why don’t you leave your self made prison?

From Energy to Energy,