Everybody is responsible for his of her own resistance. This resistance is often difficult to experience consciously, though, because it is a master in disguise. When you notice resistance in someone else, you could consider expressing that. Intention plays an important role when you do.

If you point out someone’s resistance based on a ‘or did you think you are better than I am?’ or a ‘I will save you’, or a ‘you have to work on that resistance’, it is advisable to explore your own resistance towards that person first. The whole ‘mote and beam’ story.
If you are able to alert the other to the resistance based on the intention to raise his/her consciousness, that is where it will end immediately.

Now the other person can determine for his/herself is (s)he want to explore this resistance or not. It is not your responsibility to keep confronting someone else with a resistance (s)he doesn’t want to look at. The intention wouldn’t be respectful anymore. Then it’s not about helping someone, but trying to put yourself in the right. Then your actions are based on the desire to make others walk the same path you did, not based on the desire to make someone aware of the blockades that stick out their own path.
And that’s a limitation of who you are.

It demands an honest and pure understanding of your Self. That’s what makes the process complete. Because the resistance of someone else mirrors your own process.
If you take an honest look at yourself and at that moment you’re convinced your intention is genuine, it is. Your intention is patterned by your consciousness.
Of course it is possible you have to conclude afterwards that you’re reaction was not as genuine as you thought it was. Be grateful you could grow into that conclusion. It does not make your intention less pure. At the time you honestly thought you were doing the right thing.

From Energy to Energy,