Everything is going ‘right’, but you just do not see it that way. If the result is different than planned, you perceive it as ‘it’s going wrong’, but believe me: nothing is going wrong. There’s always growth. You can never go back.
You’re making things ‘pretty’ and ‘not so pretty’. Because of that, you hardly dare to be honest to yourself. Scared to show those (what you perceive as not so pretty) emotions through with those emotions inside of you assume a life of their own.
All emotions have a right to be here. All of you has a right to be here.
It’s a tremendous change in thinking to be able to realize there’s no wrong or right. No negative of positive effect. It’s because you’re all very result oriented. It’s all about the outcome and if that deviates from what you wanted to achieve, you will classify it as ‘mistake’.
If you would be process oriented, you wouldn’t commit yourself to a fixed final result. There would be space all around. Everything would be flexible. Everything would be possible. It would be about the path and just finding out where it would lead to. But being process oriented requires letting go of all control…

From Energy to Energy,