I’ve a question again. Is it true that any misbalance in the body always originates from the psyche? I mean the returning pains and illness. Or can there be just physical symptoms? Because the body is getting older. I’m having discussions on a regular basis on this subject and I would like to hear your take on that. I’m very curious what you want to tell about that.

Amusing question.
Especially because of the conclusion that returning pains and illness is equal to misbalance. But that’s a whole different discussion.
Your question is: Is it true that any misbalance in the body always originates from the psyche?
My answer is: yes.
But not always from a misbalance as you see it.
Your society is, as you know, filled with phantom beliefs. A few of them play a big part in your experience of ‘illness’ and ‘pain’.
For example: “age is a heavy burden”
Place the law of cause and effect over that and see what happens.
Also a very subtle but very strong phantom belief is: being sick is a weakness. Or at the very least ‘not nice’.
Therefore returning pain and illness are the result of your own judgement about returning pain and illness. YOU are the one giving weight to returning pain and illness and it’s that weight you’re experiencing. Not the returning pain and illness.
Next thing you do is resist these returning pain and illness, giving it therefore energy which makes it bigger.
It creates a exceptional energy spiral. As soon as you can recognize and acknowledge the beauty of it, the returning pain and illness will not feel as a burden anymore.

Thanks for your answer, but I don’t understand yet

Yes, you do understand. From my Universal point of view you’re making the (unconscious) choice not to understand it. Because (on a universal level) you realize that when you understand it, really understand it, your whole world as you know it will turn upside down. And you’re afraid to make that step. So yes, it’s resistance.
Don’t try to understand it all at once. See it as a currant bun. Take a bite and start chewing. Select some currants you can work with.

But isn’t it true the body indicates what’s not going well in the mind? Isn’t that a misbalance? A disturbance in your energy field? A ‘wrong’ frame of mind, for instance?

Misbalance is by definition a judgement. You suggests something is not RIGHT. What you feel as misbalance is your choice to pay attention to certain things and ignore other things. So you are not in misbalance. Your perception is out of balance.

So the misbalance you’re referring to is caused by phantom beliefs?

That misbalance is caused by the way you are looking at things. The phantom beliefs are the result of the way you are looking at things.

Could this mean that if we did not have thoughts as “age is a heavy burden” in our genes, we would age healthy?

It’s not in your genes. It is in your cellular memory. That’s something else. And you chose to believe it on a subconscious level. But yes, when you would stop believing it, you would not experience any deficiencies.

Does this mean we experience illness and pain through those phantom beliefs? Or is that not the right shortcut. And will pain and illness still exist, but do we stop suffering?

Illness and pain would not be named as such. Not be experienced as such. It would be the blessing that it is.

Say, someone is throwing up gall. To the best of my knowledge that person should express himself more. And if that person doesn’t change, he probably will vent one's gall literally. How can you say you’re only feeling the weight you put on it? Do you understand what I mean?

I understand you very well.
In your example someone makes the choice not to put energy in changing his behaviour and thinking patterns, but to put energy in swallowing his emotions.
That’s already an act of resistance. Not willing/daring to show emotions.
The body responds by reflecting the resistance. As long as this ‘someone’ keeps resisting the message, the body will try in various ways to attract the energy (the attention) to itself.
To you that feels as punishment, but it’s a loving push in the back to get the energy to the emotions you chose to experience before you came to earth. Nothing more and nothing less.

It feels somewhat dishonest to me, this whole event. When you’re young and doing nothing, you’re healthy and it seems like how harder you’re working on yourself, the sicker you get. That can’t be true?

It isn’t.
The more you experience, the more your energy vibration accelerates. This acceleration makes it necessary to let go of things. To be able to rise. When you keep clinging to those things, your body comes forward to tell you you’re hanging on.
So pain and illness it not the result of getting older, but the result of the refusal to let go.

If your body starts failing,, that’s very unpleasant, to say the least. That’s my feeling about it, anyway.

With these two lines you describe exactly what it’s all about.
To you it’s a failure. To you this message your body is sending is damaging ‘the way it was’. As soon as you can REALLY see that the message is a Universal Gift that can bring you closer to yourself, you will discover it not a failure, but a addition.

I can or will not accept the way it is now. I really thought this was the good way…trying to boost it all…as much as I can. Keep demanding more of yourself to increase your endurance.

It’s all about intention. Accepting an illness does not mean you should let your life be dictated by this illness. Accepting an illness, really accepting an illness, means you are prepared to look at the messages with a loving eye.
To look into the mirror that this illness is holding up.
The effect of the illness will alter its form because of the energy that’s put in.
WANTING to function better is a desire, first of all, and also suggests you are not functioning well now. Resistance.

Now I’m thinking about it…why do we receive these complaints, if there’s no judgement from the Universe?

These complaints are a mirror. To show you you’re clinging to emotions you can let go off. There’s no judgement in that. That’s just reflection. If you see judgement in there, it tell you how you are looking into that mirror.

When I’m looking at myself, I think I’m doing the right things. But nothing changes. If there’s no judgement towards myself, you must conclude I should be better.

Because you think you’re punished for doing something wrong, you also think you will be rewarded if you’re doing something right.
Yes, you made a conscious choice to work on your Self and yes, you’ve changed your perceptive on several points and yes, you will receive various signals from patterns you can let go off.
But as long as you have this intention behind it to ‘get better’, you’re transmitting a double agenda. Change will became a gimmick. A means to an end. A way to wheedle your ‘perfect picture’ out of the Universe. And that’s manipulation.
You can try to ‘out smart’ me or the entire Universe. What you will receive is the reflection, so at the most you’ll end up with this feeling of being out smarted by me or the entire Universe.
But we’re not engaged in a battle. We’re not at war. We’re all in the same team.

I feel so much resistance when I think we are all doing this to ourselves. It’s hard for me to believe that.

Why should you believe that? It isn’t true. On a higher level your energy oversees the whole picture and knows the underlying connections and cross-pollinations.
There is no such thing as ‘doing it to yourself’. It’s all about ‘HELPING yourself’.

From Energy to Energy,