In Austalia 160 Orca’s has stranded. Many of us are wandering why this happens. Could you shine your light on it?

The short version is that the Universal Vibration is always in motion and so strengthened by now, that it’s growing to a new dimension.
There are many theories about it. Choose one that appeals to you.

By growing to this new dimension, the Vibaration is accelerating. Similar to a magnet. The Vibration crossed a specific point and is now basically gravitated to that new dimension. That’s why everything is going faster. That’s not just your sensation.
One of the most obvious characteristics of accelerated Vibration is the increase of solar activity. Then the increased Energy creates a higher amount of outbursts and those outbursts have their effect on the Energy Vibration.
Yes, another circle of life.

The scientific explanation for the stranded orca’s is in that range. The outbursts of the sun, moves the magnetic fields and this has a measurable effect on ocean- and air currents. Unfortunately that’s where their explanation ends and they reach the conclusion that the whales and dolphins are so confused by the moved magnetic fields that they wash ashore.

That thought is logical. They don’t realize what kind of energies they’re dealing with. They are not aware of the accelerated Energy Vibration by this magnificent creatures.
Essentially they are the forerunner of the transfer to the next dimension. They want to focus attention to the changes in vibration, magnetic field etc.
This last piece of accelerated vibration to the next dimension needs energies that are actively accelerating their own energy or come to earth in a accelerated vibration.
These last few years a number of large energy groups were called home. Not just ‘human energy’, but also ‘orca energy’, dolphin energy’, ‘tree energy’ and so on.
Are stranded orca’s an omen for a big disaster, waiting to happen? Listen to your own intuition. What do you feel?

From Energy to Energy,