Maybe you could tell more about twin souls. Do they exist and how should we picture them?

Twin souls. It’s a expression that’s created to describe a certain kind of deep connection between two energies. With elaborate theories about split souls and God knows what more. Exceptionally creative, indeed.
And who feels comfortable believing those descriptions: embrace them.
Who finds peace by thinking that: embrace it.

It’s true you will encounter energies you’ll feel a special band with. Syl uses the label ‘Spiritual Network’ and that covers it better than Twin Souls, because Twin suggests it’s something between two energies. And it’s not.
It’s striking that this expression is used exclusively to intimate partners.
Whereas the person who’s getting under your skin has the same connection as the person who’s on completely the same wavelength.
The connection is exactly the same. The mutual agreements are the same. But then you pull it through your ‘right and wrong’ rinse and a diluted extract remains.
Before your revelation on earth, there’s made some connections with several energies, so you all can create the ultimate experiences you want to. If these connections are also made in other dimensions, in other vibrations, your energy will perceive that as ‘familiar’ and ‘special’. And the more vibrations are shared, the deeper this band feels.

The expression Twin Souls suggests there’s only one energy you could have this connection with. And there are more. Many many more.
But if you want to explain something in that way: be my quest. The labels are not important. It’s what you do with it. Again: it’s all about process.

From Energy to Energy,