The Ultimate Universal Goal is the acceleration of Vibration. Nothing more and nothing less.

On a Universal Level you resolve to experience something. You choose the experiences that will accelerate your Energy Vibration. You don’t choose specific situations, but when you’re receptive, you can experience a kind of steering. A steering that’s focused on letting you experience what you planned to experience.
The actual interpretation of the script has also everything to do with the by now famous and unabated frustrating law of Cause and Effect.
The basis is simple. To many of you so simple, it becomes implausible. That’s okay. Make it hard on yourself, if you want to hold on to suffering and chastening.
The basis is simple. You are ‘born’ with a certain vibration and subsequently you want to experience certain emotions that will accelerate your vibration. That’s all.
But by evolved phantom truths (I talked about those in the illusion of incapacity) every energy encounters judgement very soon. Wrong and right. Is a ‘accelerated vibration’ mistaken with ‘superior to someone else’, ‘being a better person’ and ‘chosen’. Let the games begin.

But you've created this games board yourself. It’s not Universal Determined to badger you. As soon as you would decide to remove it, it’s gone. But then what? That’s why the games board is still there.


From Energy to Energy,