If you’re answering me, is it Syl or you who’s tuning in? I thought I felt Syl, but I’m not sure. I’ve never experienced a disembodied presence before in this way.

As I’ve explained earlier I’m a Higher Vibration of the Total Energy that also contains Syl (on a Lower Vibration). Because you’ve been working with Syl’s energy at a distance very often, that’s a familiar connection to you.

As soon as we answer on this forum (or write other things) the connection between Syl’s vibration and mine is getting more conscious (note: the connection is NOT getting stronger or better, it’s always strong and good) what accelerates Syl’s vibration automatically.
Therefore her vibration IS getting stronger, what makes it easier for you to sense her without concentrating first.
In other words: what you’ve felt is actually a combination of us both.

From Energy to Energy,