What is the difference between whishing for something or wanting something? Are you ‘transmitting’ desire in both occasions? Or is whishing a whole different story?

There is not much difference. It is – as you know – all about intention. By wanting/whishing something, the intention is based on absence. Something you think you need in order to be happy of whole.

For instance: I want to be healthy. That’s longing. When you put Cause and Effect over it, you’re transmitting desire and the Universe will place you into situations that will confront you with desire. Not to pester you, but to offer you the opportunity to choose for something else.
In this example you could replace ‘I want to be healthy’ with ‘I radiate health’. But check your intention! If you only use that remark to enforce something, you’re transmitting manipulation.
Take your time to really feel that you are radiating health. When your intention is pure, your input will be pure and your output will be pure.

From Energy to Energy,