It’s amazing how pure messages can change their course and starts leading a life of its own.

Take the message ‘we are all one and no one is better/more important/more powerful (and so on) than someone else’ for instance. An important message that we so patiently and tirelessly passed around and still pass around, but that evolved into the most incredible spin-offs.

One of the most toxic spin-offs is so familiar by now, it is passed on from generation to generation. Unfortunately did this spin-off not only loose its original meaning completely, but it has taken on an opposite meaning!
‘Nobody is better than someone else’ turned slowly but surely into ‘you are no better than I am’ and evolved into ‘don’t think that you amount to anything’.
And as if this corruption wasn’t painful enough, this attitude was praised. Labelled as modesty and humility and presented and accepted as a virtue.

This whole label is not correct, because it has nothing to do with modesty and humility and everything to do with submission and subordination. Bit by bit humanity has belittled itself and to this very day passes on this poisoned cup to the next levy. Is it surprising that you all feel so much incapacity? That you think you are a powerlessness pawn on an Universal Chessboard? The opposite is true. O, you are a pawn. But you’re also the Chessboard and the player.
And you are not powerless. Everything bút powerless, in fact.

I challenge you to think immodest about yourself for a change. What gifts do you bring to this world? Are you familiar with you own talents? Your own possibilities?

Lay down your suit of armour filled with limitations and let yourself go. Even if its only in your mind. What qualities do you admire in your heroes? Attribute them to yourself too! You have these qualities in you! You just haven’t given them space to show themselves, but they are there!

Be your own hero!

From energy to energy