As expected my revelation evoked strong resistance to a number of you. Good for you! Your suspicion is no insult or rejection to me. It doesn’t take away any of my strength or energy and your scepticism is a good thing. Scanning every message and determine if it works for you or not. That’s no value judg(e)ment, but an indication of your personal need.

And yes, resistance has its function.
Look at where the resistance is aimed at. Is it the message or the messenger? And what does that resistance tells you? What is it that you don’t want to believe? What is it you’re opposed to? Do you mistrust my ‘serving-hatch’, my ‘typist’? And if so, why?

Only if you can put your resistance into words, you can discover the double bottom of your fear. Some many different emotions are playing a part and because you don’t want to face all these emotions, you pull the resistance out of the side wing and give hem the leading role. Because you don’t want to hear the message, you resist the messenger. Yes, I can feel your resistance. And that’s okay. You have a choice. My words don’t have to appeal to you. You can decide not to come here anymore. It doesn’t mean you’re a drop-out, you won’t fall outside our scope and there is no punishment in any way.

The fear, that dictates your functioning right now, will manifest itself in another moment, another way and through other channels, until you find the courage to recognize the deeper meaning. That you resist the messenger, so you can cross off every given advise and message as ‘nonsense’ and you can get out of the way of change. So you don’t have to think about why you make yourself smaller. So you don’t feel called upon playing the game for one hundred percent.

And that’s okay. That choice is just as valuable as the choice to play the game. It doesn’t take away any of my strength or energy. I won’t earn penalty points for every energy that doesn’t believe me. So don’t give yourself any penalty points either.

Choose what fits you. Be honest about the reasons for your resistance and embrace your fear, embrace your restrictive thoughts. You can not restrict me. You can not restrict my ‘serving-hatch’. Concentrate on your own resistance and hear his story. Or put your resistance in the lap of someone else or aside and don’t do anything with it. Your possibilities are endless. Make your choice.

From Energy to Energy