Dear Henry,
I’m not gonna miss the opportunity to accept your invitation to 'pick your brain'. And taking the bull by the horns I am my own hero now.
I feel I’m using a lot of my possibilities at the moment and I am proud of that. But I will be honest, because I’m holding that poisoned cup in my left hand, while I struggle with the cup of self-confidence in my right hand.
The resistance in a constant battle against the faith in all of my potencies.
The resistance I know and after years of practice it gave me the illusion of protection.
I’m not very familiar with the faith and it looks like a trap where I can sink in.
Because what if you turn out to be the new created illusion?

I do believe that my possibilities is equal to everybody’s possibilities.
After all, we are indistinguishable from each other. Passing on the cup full of faith in
‘the ALL’ of ‘the nothing’ to the next generation is a difficult one.

Believing in whatever conviction can lead to madness...and to building ‘phantom truths’. The resistance from others, to follow in what ever conviction, makes the breaking trough patterns a slip-up. Walking on thin ice. Is that our fear…that we will fall to pieces if it turns out that trust is also build on a ‘phantom truth’?
An illusion?


Dear B.

What if you turn out to be the new created illusion, you’re asking. Great question. Sharp vision. Because I am.
I embody the illusion that you need a serving-hatch to receive my messages. I embody the illusion that you need this website, this column, to experience what it’s all about. NONSENSE. You already know what it’s all about. You make the choice – whether or not consciously – nót to know, because you realize – whether or not on a unconscious
level – that you’ll have to let go of everything you think you know about yourself, your life and life in general.

I’m not asking you to believe in a conviction. On the contrary. I’m challenging you to release all convictions. I’m daring you to listen to the voice inside yourSelf. You are ignoring that voice systematically. You let it drown out by the noise of fear and limitation.

You’re using a lot of your possibilities, you say, and I emphasize that. But what do you feel if I tell you that you only broached a fraction of your potential? A splinter? A grain of mustard?

You say that we are indistinguishable from each other. At the Source you’re right. At the Source we are indistinguishable. An unity. An oneness. But every element of the All has its own distinguishing capacity and potential. It’s precisely these unique qualities that make the All complete. But no element, no quality, is better than another.

Trusting something constructive can by definition never turn into a ‘phantom truth’. Putting your trust in something constructive can never be an illusion. Don’t trust me. Trust yourSelf. Trust that immense and immeasurable strength of your Energy. It knows no limits. Just as your possibilities knows no limits. Trust that and you can’t be taken down. By nothing and nobody. Are you willing to accept that challenge?

Thanks for your response.

From Energy to Energy