Hi Henry,
Very nice. I identified my resistance and it diminished instantly. I like to be pulling the strings, you see. It takes surrendering to write directly to you.

At the moment I don’t know that to ask. I just wanted to know how it feels to write to a Guide. But at the moment of writing a question pops up…funny how that works.
I'd like to have a better communication with my guides, so I am immediately on to the difference between a message and my own thoughts.

I also would like to have some names. There’s a Johan and a Cesarino. Those names came up during automatic writing, so I assume that they are real. Furthermore I’m very happy with Pasting and also with your column about how we all contributed to
diminishing the believe in ourselves.
Well…that’s still stuck in my system…I paid even more notice to the level of talking down to myself and it’s unbelievable!

But cheerfully I go on

And what happened with my voice…during mantra singing…that felt so special…it reverberated in my head!


Dear E.
I’m aware of your surrendering and praise you for it. Thank you.
Those strings you’re talking about, I know them. Have you ever looked very scrupulous at those strings? Talking about illusions. By frenetically clinging on to those strings, you demean yourself to a Universal Puppet.
The strings offer you a feeling of security, of control. Talking about illusions. Security can’t be found in holding on, but in letting go. Because you need trust to be able to let go and trust generates security. Yes, it’s that simple.

Your quention about connecting with Guides is a very essential one. It’s a recurrent dilemma. How can you distinguish the message from your Guide from your own thoughts.
But first answer this: what is more important…what the message is telling you or who is delivering that message?
Higher Energies communicate in various ways. Automatic writing and pendulum are very well-known.
Communication through thoughts is another one. The easiest way to reveal the source of the thought is to look at the message.
Communication with Higher Energies is NEVER destructive or restrictive. Never! Their main goal is to put you into your own strength. That’s how you can recognize the messages.

You like to have some names and mentioned two already. So you don’t want names, you want confirmation. Don’t give me such a decisive role! Not being sure about the names is part of your process. Your doubts. And especially the doubts you have about your own capabilities. I’m not going to influence that process.
What I cán say is that communication with your Core Group is very desirable. Not because you get the ‘wrong’ messages from other canals, but so you can start to develop and understand that part of yourSelf too.
The time is here. Now you can choose if it’s your time.

Yes, Pasting is a very special process. All kind of things is dislodged and placed under your nose.
We are very happy with you. You’re a eager student and a skilful teacher. Thank you for that energy. And it’s great that you make your voice heard like this. Keep singing. You will notice the difference in your throat.
Make yourself heard ánd listen. Write ánd listen. Release the strings, clear your head, silence your ratio and write down what you hear. Have faith. The time is here. Now you can choose if it’s your time.

From Energy to Energy