Dear Henry,

Soon we will be ask to vote in favour or against the new European Constitution.
It doesn’t sit well with me, because I think that for the common citizen the advantage is outweighed by the disadvantage and that the biggest advantage is for the present rulers and multinationals. What is your view on this, behind the veil.

Love, Greet

Dear Greet,

If you only knew how often this question reached us behind the veil, as you put it so beautiful. You’re obvious not the only one struggling with this new Constitution.
That’s a scant consolation, perhaps, but it does draw a picture.

The outcome isn’t really the most fascinating to us, but the process and the way in which every energy finds his way through this process is.
You describe the assumption that this Constitution benefits the present leaders and multinationals the most. That is correct. Your present world economy revolves around power. And to secure this power, fear has been implemented, to create a reaction structure based on fear.
It’s a reaction structure your governments use to manipulate, but also operate themselves because they started to believe their own fear scenario.

As soon as you step out of this reaction structure, you will discover that no government had real power. Not over the most essential element of the individual energy: the vibration. Only the concerning energy can influence their own vibration. If you can make that step, this ‘advantage for the present rulers’ has no relevance anymore.

What is relevant? That you approach this process from your vibration. That you don’t let yourself be influenced by fear, contempt, hate or indifference. Did you read the Constitution? Recognize how many rules are based on fear. Look through that. What are your priorities? How is it all balancing out for you?

It doesn’t set well with you, you say, because you think that for the common citizen the advantage is outweighed by the disadvantage. I’m asking you: how do you weigh these advantages and disadvantages? By fear?

Because that’s where it all boils down to. What emotions come up when you’re looking at this Constitution? What is it you say NO to exactly? To all rules in general? To your leaders perverted enjoyment of power? To fear?

That’s what making this process so fascinating. It’s a way to define whw you are and what your priorities are. Chances are that you wouldn’t find them in the Constitution, but it will allow you to design your own Constitution. Embrace this process as a prioritiy sieve and an emotion scanner. Discover where your resistance is coming from and see what it says about you.
In that way you can picture your own utopia and you are a little familiar with the power of thoughts by now.
Can you see the beauty of the process? That all of a sudden people start to think about who they are and where they stand again?

Whatever you choose, choose from who you are, not from a scenario about what your NO could do as a signal, etc.
Thát’s your responsibility. That you step out the reaction structure and choose from your vibration. Not from your possible influence. Rulers won’t be affected in their (need for) power by confronting them with a bigger power. Power disappears when you don’t allow it to have any influence on who you are.

Enjoy the expedition!

Thanks for your question, dear Greet. It’s an important one.

From Energy to Energy