When you like to read about visions of ‘Higher Energies’, you can enjoy yourself on the Internet, these days.
The ‘odd one out’ in this outburst of Universal Wisdom is Henry. Henry is a Higher Energy Collective with a accessible linguistic usage, a contagious sense of humour and a striking approachability. Some responses:


“He can be very confronting, even though
it’s actually a confrontation with yourself.”

““His responses are very personal,
with advise you can apply in your life immediately. ”



“Henry is very direct, but also a big teaser.
I really love his sense of humour.”

“There is a incredible amount of respect, love and especially a lack of judgement in his comments, that feels great en pure.”



“I really appreciate that Henry is so clear-cut.
He uses normal language that everybody can understand.”

“I find it very inspiring that Henry keeps showing
us that all answers come from within ourselves.”



“Henry gives the boost to find the answers within yourself.
He doesn’t prime anyone. I love that.”

“Henry makes clear that everything is as it is. No right, no wrong. Acceptance and above all love for yourself and through that love for others.”



“It is like talking to yourself, but a few knots higher and therefore
without judgement. So it becomes easier and more
understandable to make different choices.”

“Henry showed me, very lovingly, a bright mirror at the moments I was
stuck. I have a huge sense of gratitude towards him (and towards
Syl, who puts her time in) for helping me out.



“Henry points us – in his own distinct way –
at our own responsibilities in this life;
everybody is responsible for his life and his choices.”