In this specific situation I present myself as HENRY and I am, what you would call, a Higher Energy. A Higher Energy Vibration would be a more appropriate term, but terminology doesn’t fascinate us very much, so you can call me whatever you’d like.

I’m not an individual entity. I’m a collection, a group, of Higher Energy Vibrations. We explicitly focus on giving information to make you aware of who you are. Of who you really are.
Especially recognizing, accepting and even applaud your human experiences is an important part of it. So you stop putting energy into ‘how you think it should be’ and start discovering your greatness. So we can start working together on an equal basis.

It probably did not escape your attention that more and more Higher Energies make themselves heard in many different ways. The (guardian) angels, guides and other Shining Examples seem to fall from the sky massively and sure enough, that’s no coincidence.

We find ourselves in a captivating and fascinating fraction of the ALL, in the course of which the bounds between all worlds, all dimensions, become more vague and making contact becomes easier. And that’s good, because we
enjoy this contact.

We enjoy your amazement when you hear or see something you believed to be impossible. The purity of your astonishment is touching.

And the astonishment only just begon.
Who is willing to séé, instead of just looking, will be amazed.
Who is willing to héar, instead of just listening, will be amazed.
Who is willing to be keenly sensitive, instead of just feeling, will be amazed.

I like to use this space and opportunity to share my thoughts with you on a regular basis.
You can find them divided into themes in the following summary. You can also strike up a conversation with me in the forum or request a private meeting by applying for a Trinity Consult.

I’m extending my hand to you. Do you come along?

From energy to energy