Essentially there are two ways you can go through life: passive and active.

And no, those expressions have nothing to do with physical activities, although I do like to explain the passive and active way of life by comparing it with playing tennis. It turns out to be a very clear and comprehensible metaphor.

To the passive person life is all about striking back every ball that’s being passed at him or her. Every day the passive person is confronted with situations on which (s)he automatically, unthinkingly, responds as (s)he always does.
The life of a passive person is dictated by external factors. Whatever happens, determines what the passive person is gonna do.
And even if this reaction doesn’t bring the wanted result, the passive person will keep hanging on to it, because that’s how (s)he knows the world to be. Because that’s how life is. Because that’s the way it suppose to happen. Because that’s the only way.

To the active person life is all about determine the game. Totally independent of the game other persons are playing, the active person determine where to put the ball and how to play it.
The active person developed a strategy. A direction. The active person tackled questions as ‘what do I want?’and ‘what can I do or change to get what I want?’ and makes sure the answers are in tune with his/her reactions.
The active person isn’t distracted by the response of others. The active person doesn’t feel the need to imitate the behaviour of others to be accepted. The active person will respond in way that fits him/her. He/she will see every situation as a possibility to discover something new about her/his Self and to implement new insights. Because (s)he notices that it works.

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