It’s so tempting…to create a picture of the Holy Version of yourself and subsequently ignore every emotion that (according to your own severe standards) doesn’t fit that image.
Whoever plays that role long and consistent enough, runs the risk of turning that self created illusion into reality and believing in his or her seemingly achieved Devout Status.
Seemingly, yes, because regardless of the question ‘should you want to use your energy for obtaining some kind of Devout Status’, ignoring emotions is by definition not a characteristic of Spiritual Growth.

Spiritual Growth can only take place if judging emotions, your own and others, is taken out of the equation. Spiritual Growth is based on the understanding that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ emotions.
The value of an emotion is the value you give it. An emotion is nothing more and nothing less than a messenger. The emotion shows that spot in your Self what needs more attention. An old sore, a phantom believe that has started a life of its own, a wound that just won’t heal, and so on.

By facing all facets of your Self, you will start to recognize the diamond you are. Emotions are not the enemy. Emotions are your road signs. So don’t sweep any emotion under the rug and don’t bury your head in the sand. Give yourself room to feel what you feel. Look at it. Embrace it. It’s a part of you.
Do put the emotion into action, but feel it, look for the message it brings you and after finding it, let the emotion go. It did its job. It brought some Spiritual Growth!

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