We often have the (natural!) urge to cling to something or someone like grim death. It’s a fear of losing. We dig our heels in, because we are afraid we won’t reach our goals. But it’s that frenetic hanging on that obstructs every feasible change. If you can find the trust to let something go, you’ll create space for development and you will receive all you need.

Mark my words: all you need. That can be the opposite of what you want of even of what you think you need. More than that, it can be something you absolutely don’t want to have. Because you perceive it as negative. Like an illness. A divorce. A death.

Therefore, letting go is an act of faith. By giving up your grim grip, your need for control, in a way you’re saying: ‘I have faith that I can handle everything that comes my way’. And that’s something!
It’s also: ‘I have faith that everything that comes my way, is helping me grow’. Not an easy one, either.
From my personal experience I can assure you that letting go the illusion of control is one of the major decisions you can ever make.

While letting go is an act of faith, control is an act of fear. The need to control everything, is saying: ‘I don’t trust myself to handle a situation I hadn’t counted on’.
A lot of people sink their teeth into the world as they would like to have it and don’t learn to deal with the world as it is. They are afraid of change and growth, because they know what they have and even they also know it’s not good for them, they hold on to it, because it’s familiar and therefore feels safe. So they rather cling to that world then exploring the possibilities this world has to offer.

If you become aware of the fact that everything that happens, even (and maybe even especially) the more difficult situations, are meant to show you all aspects of your Self and are giving you the opportunity to bring out the best in you, you no longer want to have control. Because you will realize that control will pin you down and will blockade your journey.

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