One of the most limiting aspects of our luggage is judgement. The principle of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is a clever tool to determine if something (or someone) fits with you (and your route) or not, but in the meantime we’ve all converted it into a straitjacket. A ‘one size fits all’ straitjacket, even.

Turn it into a game and choose one day on which you will pay special attention to judgement. Be aware how many times you connect a value judgement to a remark, behaviour or choice of someone else and yourself. Not to show yourself how ‘bad’ you are (for judging) but to make you aware how established judgement is in our daily patterns.
Can you respect someone else’s opinion as someone else’s opinion? Or do you perceive a deviating opinion as ‘better’ of ‘worse’ then your own opinion? Don’t you rest until you’ve convinced the other party that your opinion is THE way to look at things?

It is judgement that can paralyze us with fear. That restrains us to make certain decisions. Take a look at your life. Watch with a smile. Observe. Try to look without connect any value judgements to it. Just see it for what it is. Try it for one day. You will start to understand the message judgement is bringing us.

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