Although this is one of the insights I haven’t mastered yet, I’d like to share it with you anyway. Because what I understand about money right now, already changed my life in a big way.
Money showed itself in different faces in my life, but since I started to understand that money is just another form of energy, I also started to realize what value judgements I used to attach to money. Value judgements that – due to that never failing law of cause and effect – started living a life on it own, of course.

There was this period in my life I was afraid I wasn’t gonna make it financially. Three guesses…indeed…the Universe put me in a situation where I could consciously choose whether I could or could not make it financially.
Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the whole Cause and Effect thing, so I fall flat on my face. It turned out to be a lack of trust. In myself.
By now, I’ve started to understand that the way I relate to money is symbolic for the way I relate to life. Money is energy. Just as love is energy. Just as I am.
If you perceive money to be something ‘dirty’ of ‘negative’, changes are you feel, in an underhand way, you don’t believe you’re worth more than you’re getting right now. That you’re capable of doing more. Being more.

Particularly in the ‘spiritual circuit’, money is subject for heated debates. A singer or football player earning good money by using their talents is all fully acceptable, but as soon your talents are perceived as spiritual, it’s a shame to make money.
I’ve believed that myself for a long time. For years I’ve interpreted dreams and given advise for free. And not uncommonly I didn’t even get a ‘thank you’.
I made me realize it was a reflecting of my own believes. I didn’t think my activities were valuable enough to put a price tag on it and if you don’t appreciate yourself, the world won’t appreciate you either. Because again, the world is just one big mirror, to show us who we are.

What is your take on money? Are you the kind of person that compensates a unpleasant event by buying stuff? Are you the kind of person that sits on your money, reluctant to spend a penny?
Explore your feelings towards money and be aware of your emotions. Are you angry? Because you have less than you feel you deserve? Do you feel ashamed? Because you can’t get by? Do you feel like a victim? Do you feel fear? Be aware of your emotions and discover the message.
Money is energy. It’s a messenger on a mission. What does money wants to tell you about yourself?

Building on,