Like every emotion, resistance has a function too. Resistance is, like every emotion, a messenger that wants to show us what’s going on inside of us, consciously or unconsciously. Resistance tells us therefore something about ourselves, nothing about someone else.
Do you experience an aversion towards that remark? Good! Look at that feeling consciously. Which part of the remark triggers your resistance?
My personal resistance was the part about ‘not telling something about someone else’. If I feel a disinclination (I don’t want to talk to you) it tells me something about that person, doesn’t it? That’s not my type, or whatever.
And I could stop there. There’s nothing wrong with the decision to stop there.

When I want to learn more about who I am (and that’s what this treasure hunt is all about, isn’t it?) however, I could take it a step further and deeper by finding out WHY I feel this disinclination. What is it about this person that makes my hair stand on end? Why do I feel this need to defend myself? To make myself bigger (or smaller)? What is this person mirroring that causes this resistance? What message do I find hard to hear?
The minute you can put your resistance into words, you can disclose the a hidden meaning of your fear. So many different emotions play a part and because we don’t want to face them, we confine ourselves to feeling resistance. And that’s that.
But if you decipher the message this resistance brought you, a whole other flow is put into operation. The resistance is no longer limiting, but offers the freedom to let go of old thought- and behaviour patterns.

So be aware of your resistance. Maybe you are feeling it right now. Maybe you are react against this whole message. Or against me.
Believe me, you wouldn’t be the first. It’s a natural reaction to reject messages of which you (unconsciously) know can change your world completely. We all oppose to messages like that. Yes, so do I. Change is scary.
If we don’t think about how we’re making ourselves smaller, we don’t have to feel called upon to play the game for the full hundred percent. To get the most out of our treasure hunt.

Be honest about the reasons behind your resistance and embrace your fear. Embrace your limiting thoughts. Your resistance towards me doesn’t restrict me, so you can leave it here, with me, and do nothing with it. Or you can choose to concentrate on that resistance and let it tell its story. There’s a see filled with opportunities in front of you. Step into it or stay on shore. The choice is yours.

Building on,