From ancient times people have been fascinated by dreams. Over the years the outlook on a dream changed, however.

In former years
  • a dream was influenced by demon or had been god-driven. The dream formed therefore a message and/or warning from higher powers.
  • without a interpreter of dreams or consultations of an oracle is was impossible to decipher the dream message.
  • this explaining of the dream was based on specific significance of the dream symbols.

  • a dream is a message from subconsciousness.
  • growing understanding that the dream is best explained by the dreamer himself, not by a outsider.
  • dream symbolism is not fixed and is considered very personal.

It is my personal belief that dreams can be important messengers. Unravelling this message is not always very easy, though, especially because dreams are very personal and can only – in my opinion – partly be explained by ‘general symbolics’.
In other words: I believe every dream can be explained best by the dreamer, not by someone else. Just write the dream down, ask yourself 'what does it mean' and listen to the thoughts that will enter your mind!

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