Have you already reached that point? That point where you think: what am I doing here? The question “what is the reason for our existence” doesn’t restrict itself to the most philosophical among us and the answer is, in my opinion, not as complicated as often suggested.

My personal answer starts with the theory that everything is energy and always in movement. Everything on earth exists from atoms and the vibration of these atoms determine the shape of the concerning energy.
In a lower vibration energy is a fixed substance, in a higher vibration the energy presents itself as a gas.

We’re also a big concentration of atoms with a certain vibration and by experiencing emotions it is possible to elevate the vibration. This creates more and more clarity concerning who we are and what we’re able to do. And that is, to put it briefly, my vision on the reason for our existence: to experience our Selfs, as individual energy and as component of the enormous sea of energy.
And how we can do that? Let’s start this treasure hunt together and see what we encounter!

Building on,