If you have plans to start your own company, it’s advisable to draw up a business plan.
It offers a overall picture of who you are, your strong and weak points, what you want to do, what your goal is and how you want to achieve that.
Wouldn’t a strategy like that be useful in our daily life? Did you ever thought about it? To create a business plan of your life?

Because of the businesslike approach, you could make your life – and the choices you’ve made and are planning to make – very transparent and convenient arranged.
Starting my life business plan, I began with one of the most key questions:

Tell us about you and your motivation and objectives

I realized I had a vague assumption, but I’d never actual list all the points. Who am I, what do I want and why?
When you found a defined answer to those questions, the next steps are easy. Making choices? No problem! Now you know the direction you want to go, so now you can determine very smoothly what does and does not fits your plans.

Every situation you’ll encounter, can be put over your business plan and at a single glance you can decide if the situation brings to closer to your objectives or further away from it.
Take a step back and look at your life with a businesslike eye. How healthy is your company?

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