Often we are very sure about what we don’t want. And that’s important to know too, of course. But now move your energy to the question: what do I dó want?

What was your first response to that question?
Did you have to leave it unanswered? You're not the only one.
It is a question most of us don’t give a moment's thought, for one thing because our society labels "putting energy in what YOU want" as "selfish" and the enormous judgement sticking to that label makes us avoiding that stigma at all costs.
And it’s costing us. It’s at the expense of the relationship we’re having with our Self.
Because now we focus on keeping everybody else happy. That’s the noble thing to do. We are taught. To live up to everyone’s expectations. To fulfil their vision of who you should be.

When you’ve done that long enough and vigorously enough, the border between
'what you want ' and ‘what others want of you’ will no longer be clear.
So take a rest at the stamp post for a while and take a minute (or more) to think about it:

what do YOU want?

And be as specific as you can be! Write it down. It deserves your time and energy.
Discover what YOU want!

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