'What comes around, goes around', ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’…

The English language offers several proverbs that define the law of cause and effect.
The principle of the law of cause and effect, in spiritual circles also known as 'karma', is simple: what you put into the universe, is what you’ll get back.

It is therefore very advisable to determine what is important to you, so you can consciously transmit the direction you want to go into the universe.
Imagine you’re going on holiday. The employee of the travel office asks: where do you want to go? and your replay is: no idea, whatever.

Chances are your eventual holiday location is not exactly to your liking. Chances are you're living your life the same way!

Become conscious of what you want and the universe will react by placing you in situations in which you can consciously choose for the determined route.
Then you’ll create a life in which YOUR priorities will play the leading part and that
offers you the optimum opportunity to be who you are!

Building on,