Maybe you experience the same as me…In what way ‘live in the present’. I’m living NOW. What’s there to choose?
Until one day I decided to record all the things I was thinking about during one whole day. This list became shocking long!
From the moment I woke up, I was thinking about what I had to do that morning. And when I was doing those things,
I was thinking about the things I had to do that afternoon.
Or conversations of situations from days before came back to mind, and I started pondering that over. In short: I was doing a lot, but not living in the present. Not consciously living in the NOW.
I started to understand this insight better and I became curious. How would my day change if I would choose consciously for living in the present?
The answer to this question turned out to be startling, because it made me realize I’d missed out on a lot of things. During my day in the present, I started to discover how many subtle ‘omens’ we receive in one day. I recognized various messages that ‘happen’ to answer dilemma’s I was dealing with at that time.

I’m still not successful in completely living in the present. I catch myself daydreaming and making trips to past and future.
But it helps if I’m very aware of everything around me. To féél the steering wheel in my hands. To consciously drink my coffee and really taste it. That sort of things help me to keep myself in the present and therefore live much more aware. Maybe it’s worth giving it a try? I can warmly recommend it to you!

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