Do you need help with several issues?
Coaching offers the back-up and feed back you might need to resume your building.
After deciding the amount of hours you want coaching, we’ll give you access to a private message board. This message board will stay open as long as there are coaching minutes left. So you can take your time and appeal to help whenever you need it.

When you decide to stop the coaching, there’s no right to a refund.
Following contributions are including tax

€ 200 = 4,5 hours

€ 300 = 7 hours

€ 400 = 10 hours

€ 500 = 13 hours

Contrary to the Self Building Consultation – where you talk about one subject – you can touch on every issue you want to.
There’s also no time limit in with you have to have it all sorted out. You can use the time whenever you need it until every minute is spoken for.

Please mail us for more information.