* Libra from 1965
* Next to activities employed as a chemical analist
* In training for Counsellor

* Pisces from 1964
* Freelance journalist
* Qualified Counsellor
* Author of the spiritual novel Wandering Spirits (2003) and the docu-book My Turning point (2009)
(sorry, both books only available in Dutch)


PETER: "I always wanted to know how things work and was fascinated with (scientific) research and finding solutions. Solutions which sometimes were simply not to be found.

During my voyage of discovery through my own functioning, I reached the conclusion that both the sometimes intangible spirituality and the down-to-earth psychology appealed to me and found a lot of commonalities in both areas.


SYL: "
From on young age I was (made) clear that I was different. I almost automatically rolled into the paranormal world, but did not feel at home there and decided to tune my development more to psychology.
After gaining her diploma Counselling I started to realize that a balance between psychological and spiritual was a exceptionally workable way to understand our Self.

It is our passion to motivate and inspire ourselves and others to discover who we really are and this website as well as all our activitities are created from that intention.

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