Blocking energy?

It is one of the most asked questions we came across during our own ‘self building activities’: what is the best way to protect yourself from the energy of others?

We’ve seen many many exercises go by and all of them will undoubtedly help a lot of people. But it is our belief that ‘blocking energy’ is basically old energy.
After all, blocking energy is acting out of separation. If you really believe that we’re all connected with each other and if you really believe everything in life happens to let us grow, there is simply no need for blocking something out, is there?

It is all about balance. For instance, let’s assume that the ‘light energy’ comes from the Universe and the ‘heavy energy’ comes from earth. It means we need both, so we have to balance it.
Because the ‘light energy’ is not better (or worse) than the ‘heavy energy’. On the contrary! Too much ‘light energy’ feels as uncomfortable as too much ‘heavy energy’ does!

The energy flows through our body in different ways and it’s important to make sure this flowing can occur without any obstacles. And guess how those obstacles are created in the first place…exactly…by BLOCKING ENERGY.

So please, let the energy flow through you and focus yourself daily on ‘balancing the energy’. Thinking about the balance is enough to make it happen.